The ASAP Dictionary of Anxiety and Panic Disorders

Paceum - see Diazepam.

Pacitran - see Diazepam.

Pamelor - see Nortryptyline.

Paralium - see Diazepam.

Pargyline - an MAOI medication. Brand names include Eutonyl.

Parnate - see Tranylcypromine.

Parstelin - see Tranylcypromine.

Parzam - see Diazepam.

Paroxetine - an SRI medication. Usual starting dosage 10 to 20mg, and usual therapeutic dosage 10 to 40mg (30mg for elderly patients). Brand names include Aropax, Deroxat, Paxil, Seroxal, Seroxat.

Pax - see Diazepam.

Paxate - see Diazepam.

Paxil - see Paroxetine.

Paxium - see Chlordiazepoxide.

Paxon - see Buspirone Hydrochloride.

Paxtibi - see Nortryptyline.

Paxum - see Diazepam.

Perphenazine - see Mitriptyline.

Pertofran - see Desipramine.

Pharmadine - see Diazepam.

Pharnax - see Alprazolam.

Phenelzine - an MAOI medication. Brand names include Nardil.

Phenobarbital - a barbiturate medication used as an anxiolytic in the early 1900s, and still used for epilepsy. Sometimes called phenobarb. Brand names include Luminal.

Pinsanu - see Amitryptiline.

Pinsaun - see Amitryptiline.

Placidox - see Diazepam.

Planum - see Temazepam.

Plidan - see Diazepam.

Pomin - see Diazepam.

Poxi - see Chlordiazepoxide.

Pragmarel - see Trazodone.

Presamine - see Imipramine.

Primonil - see Imipramine.

Prinox - see Alprazolam.

Prodep - see Fluoxetine.

Propam - see Diazepam.

Proporanolol - a beta-adrenergic blocking agent. Brand names include Inderal.

Prothiaden - see Dothiepin.

Prozac - see Fluoxetine.

Prozepam - see Diazepam.

Pryleugan - see Imipramine.

Psicofar - see Chlordiazepoxide.

Psychopax - see Diazepam.

Punktyl - see Lorazepam.

The ASAP Dictionary of Anxiety and Panic Disorders